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Welcome to Sheffield Lishi Arts, the home of Lishi Tai Chi, Yoga and Kung Fu in Sheffield Many people are familiar with Tai Chi, Yoga and Kung Fu, yet few know of Lishi. Lishi (pronounced “Lee Sher”) encompasses all three of these replica corum bubble watches disciplines and more. It is meditation in movement, a physical expression of Taoist philosophy and a proven way to get fitter, healthier and more confident

Come along to one of our classes and find out if Lishi is what you are looking for. These exercises have been practised behind closed doors for thousands of years. Traditionally, they were considered so powerful that they were only passed on to select family members and friends.

The exercises are from China and when practised holistically are known as Lishi.

Click here for details of Lishi classes in Sheffield

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Sheffield Lishi Arts is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to teaching Lishi and helping people in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire to benefit from its practice.